El mago del desierto Review

The Mage of the Desert

Discover the close history of the mage of the desert and his son, the apprentice mage, through the words of Marta Villegas and the illustrations of Ulrike Haseloff. A book to share with the whole family.

Descubre la entrañable historia del mago del desierto y de su hijo, el aprendiz de mago, a través de los textos de Marta Villegas y las ilustraciones de Ulrike Haseloff. Un libro para compartir con toda la familia.

 El mago del desierto Review

El mago del desierto is a beautiful picture book. Ulrike Haselhoff does an amazing job bringing the golden warmth of the desert to life. The opening page– with a line of camels against a backdrop of dunes — imparts a sense of calm just looking at it.

The story of El mago del desierto is a simple one of a parent teaching their craft to their children and allowing the children to make mistakes. The father is proud of his son because he knows that even though his child does mess up, one day he will be a very powerful wizard.

El mago del desierto is entirely in Spanish, with no English translations. However, the Spanish is easy enough that we only needed to look up  a few of the words.  I read it out loud to my daughter and translated as best I could as we went. Its safe to say the words don’t exactly flow easily off of my tongue, but we enjoyed sharing the book together.

El mago del desierto is a beautiful, easy read that I would highly recommend purchasing as a Spanish bedtime book.

El mago del desierto es un hermoso libro con texto en contra de bellas ilustraciones. La historia de amor y enseñanza entre un padre y su hijo es simple y calmante.  Las palabras son todas españolas, pero es muy facíl de leer.

(Sorry if I screwed anything up, I’m trying!)

  • Title: El mago del desierto
  • Author: Marta Villegas
  • Illustrations: Ulrike Haseloff
  • ASIN: B00W63BIAK
  • Pub Date: April 14th, 2015
  • Genre: Kids Fantasy

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