Me Encanta Comer Fruta y Verduras Review (Bilingual)

Me Encanta Comer Frutas Y Verduras

Jimmy, a tiny rabbit, loves to eat candy. So, he sneaks into the kitchen to nab some candy that his mom hid in a cabinet. What happens when Jimmy tries to get the candies? You’ll find out when you read this kids picture book! From that day on, Jimmy began to have good eating habits  and now he likes to eat fruits and vegetables!

A Jimmy, el pequeño conejito, le gusta comer caramelos. Por eso, se cuela en la cocina para buscar una bolsa de caramelos que está escondida dentro del armario. ¿Qué ocurre justo después de que Jimmy escale el armario para coger la bolsa de caramelos? Lo descubrirás cuando leas este libro para niños ilustrado. Desde ese día, Jimmy empezó a desarrollar hábitos de comida saludables e incluso, ahora, le gusta comer frutas y verduras.

Me Encanta Comer Frutas Y Verduras Review

We really liked Me Ecanta Comer Frutas Y Verduras. I am trying to learn Spanish with my daughter, and we’re just getting to the point where we can manage simple books like this.

The illustrations in Me Encanta Comer Frutas y Verduras were simple, silly, and helped with understanding what was going on. The plot was nice and simple, with just a touch of silliness to it. A nice way to help convince your kiddos to eat their fruits and vegetables.

We particularly appreciated that it was broken up so that a few sentences at a time were translated, rather than longer paragraphs. There were a few times I had to look something up because we couldn’t quite make out how what was said in Spanish translated to English. I think it’s one of those things where we just have to remember that not everything translates exactly.

We will be looking for more bilingual books like Me Ecanta Comer Frutas y Verduras from Shelley Admont. Hopefully, it won’t be too much longer before we can translate ourselves and won’t need the bilingual editions!


Nos gusto mucho el libro titulado Me Ecanta Comer Frutas y Verduras. Es una libro con ilustraciones sencillas y divertidas y utiles. Somos principiantes en Español, y este libro era justo lo que necesitamos.

Bien hecho, Sally Admont. Tu libro es muy bueno!

  • Title: Me Ecanta Comer Frutas y Verduras
  • Author: Sally Admont
  • Illustrations: Sonal Goyal and Sumit Sakhuja
  • Pub Date: December 14th, 2014
  • Genre: Kids Fiction
  • Buy on Amazon.

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