When Planet Earth Was New Review

It has taken billions of years for Earth to become the planet it is today. When Planet Earth Was New looks back to the very beginning, using a poetic approach grounded in scientific fact to give an overview of how the planet has changed over time: from hot lava to the formation of oceans to the evolution of living things in water and on land. The book also includes the relatively recent evolution of humans — who are just a tiny speck in the sweep of Earth’s history.

This broad look at the Earth is designed to inspire awe and inquiry. With STEM connections to biology, geology, evolution, and more, it is a springboard for discovery, discussion, and research. A striking design with full-spread, digitally enhanced watercolor art gives the book a rich, atmospheric feel. Back matter includes informational notes about each spread, as well as sources, an author’s note, and a glossary. – Goodreads

When Planet Earth Was New Review

A visual feast, When Planet Earth Was New is an absolutely beautiful book. The illustrations are amazingly well done. This is a book that both kids and adults will want to look at repeatedly, just to admire. And hopefully, in that time time, the brief verse regarding the earth’s history and evolution will start to sink into impressionable minds.

When Planet Earth Was New is a fantastic introduction to the history of our planet. It gives only the broadest strokes, but that perfectly lays the basic foundation upon which a stronger knowledge base can be built. James Gladstone knows how to keep it on a level his intended audience can easily understand.

The language used is simple and the font is large and clear. The words are on a solid background as opposed to being overlaid on the pictures.

And did I mention the pictures were pretty? Seriously, this book could easily be turned into a coffee table book. Katherine Diemart is a very talented artist, and each picture looks like she spent lots of time getting it just perfect.

After the meat of the book is over, the illustrations for each page are shown again in thumbnail form with explanation about what is being witnessed in each particular image.  There is also a glossary that explains some of the more unfamiliar words, as well as a brief author’s note.

Overall, When Planet Earth Was New is absolutely worth getting for your kiddo. Preferably in hardback if that becomes available. I kind of want it for my kid, and she’s too old for it!

  • Title: When Planet Earth Was New
  • Author: James Gladstone
  • Illustrator: Katherine Diemart
  • ISBN13: 9781771472036
  • Publisher: Owlkids Books
  • Pub. Date: September 15th, 2017
  • Disclaimer: I received a free copy of this book from Netgalley for review consideration.



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