Captain Rat Review

Every night, a stuffed toy rat named Reeve Stodgers comes alive to fight the shadow monsters in his human boy’s room. One night, he learns from other rats that there are shadow monsters all over the city. Thus begins his new mission, to train other rats to save all the children from shadow monsters

Captain Rat Review

Captain Rat is a quick, easy beginning chapter book. If your kids like Captain America, there’s a good chance they’ll recognize ‘Reeve Stodgers’. This stuffed toy rat comes alive every night to fight the evil shadow monsters that try to scare his human. And, just like the real Steve Rodgers, he will do all he can to save everyone as well.

Captain Rat is an entertaining story that can be split up into about 3 bedtimes worth of story time. My eight year old really enjoyed the story. She thought it was funny. She also just enjoyed the idea of one of her stuffed animals being able to come alive to fight off the monsters in her room.

It’s fast-paced, language appropriate for the age it’s aiming at, and features a different type of brave superhero. (One that also needs help from his friends sometimes!) What more could you ask for?

Captain Rat also includes a section educating kids on rats at the back of the book. Some of the stuff I did not know. (Like the fact that rats make happy ‘laughter’ sounds when they are playing.)

  • Title: Captain Rat
  • Series: Superhero Series
  • Author: Nona J. Fairfax
  • ISBN13: 9781537404813
  • Genre: Kids Science Fiction Fantasy
  • Rating: 5 out of 5




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