Ada Twist, Scientist Review

Book cover for Ada Twist, Scientist

Scientist Ada has a boundless imagination and has always been hopelessly curious. Why are there pointy things stuck to a rose? Why are there hairs growing inside your nose? When her house fills with a horrific, toe-curling smell, Ada knows it’s up to her to find the source. What would you do with a problem like this? Not afraid of failure, Ada embarks on a fact-finding mission and conducts scientific experiments, all in the name of discovery. But, this time, her experiments lead to even more stink and get her into trouble!

Ada Twist, Scientist Review

Ada Twist, Scientist was labeled as a best seller on Amazon, and after reading it, I could see why.

I loved that it had a little girl as the curious scientist. That it started with her being slightly ‘abnormal’ in the fact that she didn’t talk until she was three. Ada Twist was all over the place, wanting to learn, and it was fun to see and to read. The fact that the family was not white was also a pleasant addition to Ada Twist, Scientist.

Even though this was a book about a little girl scientist, my favorite line in the book had nothing to do with that. It was simply a portion that talked about how the parents adapted to their curious child and encouraged her, because that’s what good parents do. That’s what we try to do with our child, even though she’s not precisely science minded. Whenever possible, we try to help her explore and be informed. That is  what good parents do. It also showed that helping them explore and be informed doesn’t mean letting them do whatever they want. Sadly, I think that is a distinction that does actually need to be made for some parents.

The verse in Ada Twist, Scientist was fun and easy to read. The illustrations were cute and informative. This is a well-made, encouraging book that empowers little girls. I loved it and highly recommend it!

  • Title: Ada Twist, Scientist
  • Series: STEM Books
  • Author: Andrea Beaty
  • Illustrator:  David Roberts
  • ISBN13: 9781419721373
  • Pub. Date: September 6th, 2016
  • Genre: Kids Fiction
  • Rating: 5 out of 5
  • Source: Kindle Unlimited

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