13 Kids Books My Child and I Actually Agree On

Even though my child looks like she’s a mini-me, her personality is a polar opposite from mine. This extends to her taste in books quite a bit as well. Sometimes we can find a happy spot, as with our mutual love of The House of Robots series, but the rest of the time…. Well. Yeah. Let’s just say there are times now when I pick out a book from the kid’s section of the library and just openly admit I’m not even going to try to get her to read it.

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 13 Kids Books My Child and I Actually Agree On


Who loves it more? Me. Her sense of snark just isn’t quite finely developed enough. But what she got, she loved!Strange Unusual Gross and Cool

Who loves it more? It’s an equal love fest on this book. It definitely lives up to its name with all the animals you’ll see inside it!

Fortunately the Milk

Who loves it more? Probably me, only because she’s much more fond of Coraline by Neil Gaiman instead.

Discovery Spaceopedia

Who loves it more? Me. However, she’s got the space bug beginning too, and we spent hours looking through this book together.


Who loves it more? Her. I really liked the book, but she thought Stitch Head was just the best thing ever.


Who liked it more? Her. I love Harry Potter, and I adored the illustrations on this particular version, but she loved it so much she stayed up until she was red-eyed and swaying just because she desperately needed us to finish it.

The Unlikely Adventures of Mabel Jones

Who loved it more? Definitely her. I loved this book more for how fun it was to read out loud to her than the actual content of the story itself.

Nims Island

Who loved it more? Her. This was a really well-written story, and we loved reading it together and then watching the movie, but she still begs for the audio book every time we’re at the library.

Scooby Apocalypse

Who loved it more? Me. She giggled and absolutely loved looking through it with me, but some of the content went a bit over her head.


Who loved it more? Hmm… Me, I think. I say this only because she loves the following book, Auggie and Me, so much more. She’s crazy over that one, but it’s this one who started her love of Auggie and his world.

The Vanishing Frogs

Who loved it more? Her. Ruby was her red-headed imaginary friend for a while. Something about the book just captivated her.

House of Robots

Who loved it more? Equal love! We both adooooooooooore this series!! She can’t stand that I’ve finished the third book and she’s still working on it. Haha!


Who loved it more? Her. I liked the book, she howled with laughter reading it. And yes, we have volume 2 at home to get through right now.




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