The Land of Reverse Review

Sam took a breath and shut his eyes tight.

He thought ten miles left, and ten miles right.

A New Way to Go to Sleep.

The Land of Reverse Review

The Land of Reverse has a gentle tone with a soothing lilt to the words that suit perfectly for bed-time readings.. Especially the ten miles left and ten miles right refrain.

“Pretend to sleep” is something I think all parents have pulled with their kids at some point in hopes of getting them to accidentally fall asleep. For those kids with an good imaginations, pretending to be asleep and making up dreams to lose themselves in may indeed be a sneaky way of getting themselves to fall asleep. (For me, personally, it always resulted in me having absolutely no desire to go to sleep because I got too interested in whatever I was imagining when I was little! ….and maybe still today when I try it.)

The illustrations in The Land of Reverse are a great accompaniment to the verse. There are literal examples of the surreal dreams that the boy is having, and the angles and colors all work well together. I will say that the little boy has the craziest hair I’ve ever seen on a kid in a kid’s book, but it’s kind of charming.

My child really liked The Land of Reverse, which is what pushes me from giving it a three to a four. In my opinion it’s a bit forgettable, but in her opinion it was awesome. So, given that in this case her opinion is vastly more important than mine…

The Land of Reverse is well-illustrated, flows smoothly, and is something that kids could read by themselves or parents could read to them. And it’s much more interesting to think about The Land of Reverse than it is to try to count sheep!

  • Title: The Land of Reverse
  • Author & IllustratorDave Manousos
  • ISBN13: 9781457551932
  • Publisher: Dog Ear Publishing
  • Pub. Date: March 9th, 2017
  • Disclaimer: I received a free copy of this book from Netgalley for review consideration.

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