Artificial Photosynthesis

Just read an interesting article on Curiosity regarding a breakthrough that could potentially help us reduce greenhouse emissions/Greenhouse Effect. If it actually gets the exposure, funding, and attention it needs, this will potentially be fantastic for our planet.

Greenhouse Effect – It’s called this because the gasses building up in our atmosphere trap heat in the way a greenhouse’s glass panes trap heat in. The rays of the sun heat stuff up – and it stays hot, even when the air outside is decidedly cooler.  (For illustrations and stuff, look at this post on Nasa’s Climate Kids .)

These gases are caused by things that we could drastically reduce if most of us actually truly cared about our planet. By doing things like reducing how much we drive cars (carpooling, taking buses, biking, walking, etc.), by stepping out of our comfort zone and actually allowing ourselves to feel a little chilly or a little warm in our house, even using CFL bulbs (which we use in all light sockets in our house) instead of regular bulbs could help!

For that matter, even planting a tree in your backyard is one small way you could help the planet.

However, most of us read the articles, express a tiny bit of concern, and then don’t actually do anything to make a difference. We’re content to sit back, watch ridiculous reality TV, and get outraged over things like poor-taste jokes. Because all of that is so much more important than our planet. And when people actually do express concern about the planet, they get called hippies, treehuggers, and other derisive names. Because, heaven forbid, you know, that we actually want to leave a world for our children to enjoy.


Anyways, click the link below to go check out Curiosity’s post on Artificial Photosynthesis, and see exactly how neat it is. (I really hope this can work on a mass-produced scale later on!)

Artificial Photosynthesis


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