Science Geek Sam Review

Meet Sam Billington: 

Favourite hobby: digging up old things (like fossils and dinosaur bones)

Who I’d want to swap with for a day: Tim Peake (astronaut)

If I could travel in time: I’d go back to AD 33 to Israel, to shadow Jesus and see what he gets up to 

Favourite planet: Saturn

Because: apparently, Saturn would float in the sea! 

When a meteorite crashes into Sam’s school bike shed, his class have a LOT of questions about space, the history of the universe, and life on earth. As they look for answers they struggle to unite what they discover with their faith – can they believe in God AND the Big Bang? 

Funny, fascinating, and thought-provoking, Sam’s logbook includes diary entries, fact boxes, weblinks, QR codes, emails, and illustrations. 

Science Geek Sam Review

Corien Oranje and Cees Dekker had laudable goals in the creation of Science Geek Sam. There are many inquisitive minds out there who have been told to believe in God- no questions asked – and yet they get exposed to information about things like that makes them wonder. And it can be hard to reconcile the two. People are very much “Only this way, or only that way.” Especially when it comes to something like religion and science (aka creationism and evolution).

But it’s possible for there to be a middle ground. And that’s what Science Geek Sam is all about. That, and a young boy’s celebration of all things science. This book is packed with lots of cool tidbits of information about things from meteors to DNA. And the layout of the book is one that’s becoming more common. Parents or kids with a QR scanner on their phone will find several opportunities to utilize it to view things online. Where codes aren’t accessible, text links are. The authors do a great job of linking lots of sites and videos so that kids can further their knowledge beyond what is presented in the book. This interactivity adds an additional level to the book that I really like.

I like Sam. He was curious, intelligent little boy who really just wanted answers to his questions. I felt for him as he tried to reconcile the information that he was getting from different people. I was happy that he had people in his life that were happy to try to answer his questions and guide him. It balanced out the people that were just pig-headed “The book and nothing but the book!” And that’s how life is. Most children don’t get to grow up in an environment where everyone around them encourages them to think, explore, and reach their own conclusions.

Unfortunately, I don’t see Science Geek Sam ever having a mass market appeal. It’s got a very specific goal, and most parents I know aren’t really interested in buying a book that shows there can be a middle ground between religion and science.

Personally, I’m just happy to see people trying to reconcile religion and science and get it through to kids early on. While my non-religious inclinations make me an adamant disbeliever in all things omniscient being, I’m perfectly fine with finding a platform to meet believers on. Faith and facts can be friends, even if they have to agree to disagree on a few things.

  • Title: Science Geek Sam
  • Authors: Corien Oranje (site) & Cees Dekker (site)
  • Publisher: Lion Hudson PLC
  • Pub. Date: April 21st, 2017
  • Pages: 155
  • Source: I received a free copy from Netgalley for review consideration.



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