For the Europans! (Yes, that’s spelled correctly)

europaIt would appear that we are sending a lander to Europa. Finally! It seems like we’ve been speculating about the possibility of life on Europa for aagggeess, doesn’t it?  But the closest we’ve came to actually investigating it is a few b-level horror movies about how things will go terribly wrong.

3 Fun Facts about Europa (From NASA’s Europa profile):

  1. It’s the only only moon we suspect has a global ocean of water in contact with a rocky sea floor.
  2. It orbits Jupiter every 3.5 days.
  3. It was discovered on January 7th, 1610.

Sometime around 2024, it would appear we’re actually going to go from imagination to action. We will launch the lander that will eventually land on Europa and hopefully tell us all sorts of interesting things about it. That is, provided NASA (and science in general) can keep its funding out of certain grubby, ignorant hands.

For more details about all this, check out this post on Futurism or (even better) go straight to NASA’s Europa Mission site and check it out yourself!



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