Mr. VEM J. SUN(P!)

Some people are still heartbroken that Pluto got a demotion from being a planet.  And why wouldn’t they be? Pluto is awesome, especially so since we received those first glorious pictures back that proved, if nothing else, that…


It’s got heart.

So now, a group of NASA scientists (including the lead investigator for New Horizons) are forcing the International Astronomical Union to make a decision.

Read more about this at:  USA Today

I vote Pluto the Planet! What about you?

A rundown on this whole Pluto thing:

  • Pluto was discovered in 1930. We thought it was Planet X. It wasn’t.
  • In 2006, a new definition of planet  meant it was demoted to ‘dwarf planet’ status.
  • There was a mighty, mighty fuss.
  • In mid 2015, New Horizons reached Pluto and many of us turned into a pile of goo when we saw its heart.




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